About DevTalk

DevTalk is a programming and online business blog.

We’ve recently had some changes in direction and this blog will no longer just be about programming.

Programming is cool but one of my other passions has always been online business and marketing.

So you’ll be seeing many ramblings from me about all things digital marketing. I’ve always had a passion for all things digital, this is what drove me into programming in the first place!

When you think about how much technology has shaped our lives, it’s actually astounding. Everything would be completely different without computers and the internet. The way we would think, the things we know, the day to day activities we take part in. All these things would be significantly different without technology.

We’re now living in the digital era, an era where people power, freedom and independence are afforded to anyone willing to take the steps to achieve it.

As individuals we’ve never had this much freedom and although many people will say that the world is essentially fucked. I choose to take more of a positive stance on things. I’m a serial optimist and I believe many of the perceived bad things that are happening now will result in outcomes for the greater good.

Why am I doing this? 

Because the world is changing around us rapidly and more people need to be made aware of the opportunities available for starting a side business and earning extra income. It doesn’t have to take years to build up an income on the side.

There are an insane amount of ways people can generate an income online now. One of the biggest misconceptions about online business is that you need to have a massive amount of money to get started. This just isn’t true!

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