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The Affiliate Marketing Revolution

Affiliate marketing is a revolution in business. Hundreds of companies have formed and succeeded on the foundations of affiliate marketing.

A method of referral marketing that allows us to build online businesses without creating any products at all.

It’s a form of business that gives pretty much everyone the opportunity to start a profitable online business without expert knowledge or geeky technical skills.

How does affiliate marketing work exactly?

Affiliate marketing dates back to the prehistoric times before the internet. Where people would earn commissions for referring customers in the physical world. The same concept applies on the internet today.

The same concept applies on the internet today.

You recommend a product that you like and you make money in the form of commissions for anyone you refer that goes on to make a purchase.

This infographic I found on Bengu illustrates what affiliate marketing is and how it works:

At it’s core, its a fairly simple business model. Simple but super lucrative.

So why affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a revolution in business because of the advantages it possesses over other traditional forms of business.

Some of the benefits of affiliate marketing include:

  • Work from anywhere – Affiliate marketing is an online business. This means you can run your business entirely from your computer. This gives you total location independence.
  • Work for yourself – Many of us just aren’t wired for working for a boss. We feel that inherent desire to strike out on our own and create something that can sustain ourselves. Being self-sufficient financially is a beautiful thing. Affiliate marketing makes it entirely possible.
  • Financial freedom – Unlike salary paid work. Starting an affiliate marketing business doesn’t have a salary cap. What you earn depends on what you do and how you do it. The possibilities are endless.
  • Fulfillment – Many people find themselves in jobs that are soul destroying. Zero use of creativity and mind-bogglingly boring. Due to its versatility, affiliate marketing enables you to build a business around something you feel strongly about. A fulfilling business that can make you very wealthy.

How do people actually make money from it?

Creating an income from affiliate marketing requires sound marketing knowledge. It requires an approach that is focused on providing value for your visitors. A place where you’re genuinely trying to help people out and give them the best information possible.

Many affiliate marketers are lazy. They don’t bother to create amazing content and do their research properly because they’re just looking to make a quick buck. These are the people that are quick to start but don’t hang around for very long after they realize how much work it actually takes to be successful.

Which brings me on to my next question…

Isn’t It Just Another Get Rich Quick Scheme?

Skepticism is rife among people today and for good reason. A lot of people in the past have exploited hungry audiences by making false promises and outrageous claims about results.

To be completely honest with you, affiliate marketing is difficult. Nothing worthwhile is going to be easy. So if you’re coming into this with the mindset of making money very quickly then this isn’t something for you.

Affiliate marketing requires hard work. You need to learn how to market to people. Which involves understanding human psychology. Learning about what makes people tick. You also need to learn how to create amazing content that makes people want to buy things from you.

This is called content marketing.

Another thing that needs to be mastered is the entrepreneurial mindset.

People that are successful in business aren’t successful because of luck or because they followed some “proven technique”. They may have followed a powerful blueprint to help them get to where they are but fundamentally, their mindset has shaped the landscape for their business and general prosperity.

The way entrepreneurs think about money compared to the way employee’s think about money is very different.

Learning about all this stuff is key to fostering long-term success.

The reward for learning and mastering all this stuff is a complete change in lifestyle. More than just that, its completely life-changing in general because changing the way you think and perceive things will change the way you act and feel about things in your life.

It’s so much more than just making money.

What’s The Best Way To Start?

Starting affiliate marketing can be hard. Heck, starting anything is hard when you see the number of options available to you. In terms of affiliate marketing, the best affiliate programs are the ones that give you the best ROI.

You return on investment all depends on your method of promotion. That is something you need to work out for yourself.

Generally speaking though, your affiliate marketing training is the most important part of your business, when you’re first starting out. The quality of your output is directly linked to the quality of your input.

Do your research and find marketing training that not only teaches you how to do market products and make sales but also empowers you with an entrepreneurial mindset. So you can maximize your chances of success in any type of business.

You know those people that just seem to turn everything they touch into gold? They aren’t superhuman. They’ve just cultivated the right mindset that’s required for success and prosperity in their life.

Empowering yourself with the right knowledge is the key to success in affiliate marketing and everything else.


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